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"Music has charms to sooth a savage beast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak."
~ William Congreve


Sharing Your Story and Legacy Through Music....
By, Tara McConnell, MT-BC
MAY 2016

Earlier this week I walked in the door to my home and heard a bassline coming from my living room but one that echoed in my heart and soul, that I hadn't heard in nearly two decades. 

The sounds in the air immediately brought me back to my 7th grade band room and the jazz band led by Mr. LaFranchi at Barrett Junior High in Carmichael CA. It was in this room, this teacher, this band, where I knew I had to play bass.  The piece was "Birdland", made popular by the great trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. 

My trumpet playing husband, who I actually met 25 years ago in band, was listening intently in the living room with my 11-year-old son.  I saw myself in my son's eyes as he lit up with wonder and awe at this amazing sound....Jazz Fusion!  

I realized then that I hadn't ever played this music for him!  He's already 11! Yikes!  My guilt lifted as a fog that cleared when we began talking and sharing. My husband and I then realized we had been at the same concert 30 years ago, before we knew each other.  Wow! A fact we had never before known before!  

My point here is....SHARE!

Share the music of your youth with your kids and grandkids (friends, loved ones and even colleagues!).  Share with them the music that was important to you when you were their age, or any age. Share with them the stories of where you were and why it was meaningful. Share your joy and a part of your history that enables them to discover another part of you and learn how to connect more deeply with music. 

Our kids learn by watching.  Watching how we listen, watching what we enjoy and even how we cope with stress. Music can be one of the most accessible tools they can use throughout their life.  Because long after any of us are here, it is the legacy of music and memory through story and song, rhythm and rhyme that ultimately binds the generations and our loved ones together and creates our legacy.  It brings us back to ourselves...of where we've come from...where we're going, and grounds us in the unique soundtrack of our lives. 

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Link to "Birdland" by Maynard Ferguson




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